Off with his hair!

Shaving for charity

In the beginning...

I've been planning on doing this for ages - since last November, in fact, when I realised it was a year since my last hair cut. Actually organising it, though, took ages. On the one hand, I managed to miss out on completely freezing my head, which I guess is a good thing, but on the other, if I don't get things going soon, I'm going to end up with sunburn instead.

Plus, I have to confess, when I saw the artist's impressions of what I may end up looking like, there was very nearly a failure of nerve.

The delaying bits...

I had been going to have a gallery here of the people I've been accused - pre-shave - of looking like: Iain (M) Banks (when I was thinner), Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Ricky Tomlinson, Gerry Adams, and - once - "either Peter Jackson or Charlie Stross". But not only was I getting too distracted looking for the pictures, I was also beginning to wonder about "after" lookalikes - which was definitely getting silly!

Firstly, if you'd like to recommend a particular charity, please tell me about it below:

(The plan is to select one charity from those recommended, based on a combination of popularity and - excuse the expression - "worthiness". Unfortunately, it was just too complicated to display a list of the top few at any given time).

Secondly, how much hair do you want me to lose? I have only two restraints: I keep my eyebrows, and if the moustache goes, the beard goes (the Belgians may well make some of the best beers and chocolates in the world, but I don't want to look like one).

  None - just tidy it up, for goodness' sake!
  Just the beard - keeping hair and moustache
  Beard and moustache - keeping hair
  Hair and beard - keeping moustache
  Hair - keeping moustache and beard
  The lot!

If you checked "other", please give details below, but remember, I'll be looking for more cash for this one!

Thirdly, how much are you prepared to sponsor this escapade for?

(For scoring and totalling purposes, votes are cumulative - losing the lot includes losing beard, moustache, hair or any combination, but a vote to lose the beard doesn't get added to the votes for total scalpedness).

Any suggestions for where to go to get balded?

(Volunteers accepted gratefully).

Or what to do with the excess hair?

(Have a "Guess the Weight" competition?)

Having gathered all that info, I guess the last thing is to get your contact details:

Email address:  
Phone contact:  

Well, actually, no. The last thing to do is to thank you for your time, for recommending a possible charity, or (especially) for your sponsorship.


© Steve Glover for, 2005


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